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Our journey on Malaysia’s famous ETS train service

Whenever you visit a new place or a country, the first thing that you check about the place is its transportation services. It does not matter what type of conveyance they have, it is should just be fast, reliable, safe and comfortable to travel in.


And, when we first decided to visit Malaysia—the gateway to the Asean countries—we were also head over heels and excited about the country’s transport system. We already knew that the country had awesome and wide roads to reach from one destination to other, but we also had info about its high-speed train service.



Taking a train ride


The ETS or the Electric Train Service in Malaysia is a railroad service that is used by many Malaysians and tourists regularly to move from one place in the country to another like the singapore to kl train connected two countries.. This intercity service is regarded as one of the fastest ways to travel, and is certainly the fastest train service of the country. When we first saw the advert for the train service, even we were flabbergasted with the service’s promise to take us from one to another in a very quick, convenient, safe, fast and reliable way.


The KTM ETS service (Keretapi Tanah Melayu ETS service) operates from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur to the city of Padang Besar. The latter is situated right near the famous Thai-Malaysian border. Hence when we first decided to opt for the train, we were very happy to know that they service could take us near to the border.


After chilling for a few days in KL—whilst soaking in the atmosphere and robust nightlife of the city—we decided to head towards the Thai border to check out the sights and scenes there. Naturally the very obvious choice was the ETS service. We knew taking the flight would’ve been very expensive and hence the ETS was the right choice. So, we booked our tickets—from the internet, of course, as many vendors and ticket sellers were available online.


And, as soon as we boarded the train from the KL Sentral railway station, our correct choice was vindicated and attested. The train looked magnificent from the outside (with its aerodynamic and speed centred design) and the train was even more immaculate on the insides.


The seats were fantastic and the whole journey was awesome. Few of us even managed a good sleep during our 5 plus journey on the high-speed train. The train easily touched speeds in excess of 120 KMPH; hence the whole journey was quite thrilling and cool.


The ticket


However, as a word of caution, it is advised that, if you want to see the famous Limestone caves or the Lake near the border city then book your ETS tickets well beforehand. This high-speed service is opted for by many people, this is why one must secure his or her ticket beforehand.


You can use the Malaysia its ticket online service to book up, reserve and secure your travelling ticket.

Easy to Follow Tips for Travelling to Malaysia

As soon as I entered into the warm and real heart of Malaysia, I was overwhelmed and surprised by the beauty of the place. Malaysia is known mainly for deeply entrenching and engaging the charm and traditional hospitality for each and every tourist.


Easy Malaysia Travel Tips



As Malaysians enjoy meeting people of other regions, I decided to go right ahead in order to strike a conversation.  I was extremely happy to have an exposure to the Malaysian culture. Hence it is my pleasure to get my readers introduced to some easy to follow Malaysia travel tips in order to prevent any difficulty.


Proper Pointing of things at Retail Shops


I felt in love with a beautiful showpiece in a retail shop and in order to know its price pointed it with one finger. The shopkeeper advised me to do the same with the help of the thumb of right hand by folding all other fingers. Also he taught me not to pound the fist into the palm of other hand as it is considered to be an obscene gesture.


Physical Etiquettes


As soon as I went to a temple nearby my hospitality, I was sitting in a relaxed manner. The priest requested me not to sit in the way where feet get pointed towards sacred idols, images and other people. As I like meeting people, I was in the right place! Felt happy to introduce myself by shaking hands with men but not with women until they did the same firstly.


Points to Ponder


While on the way to plan a trip to Malaysia, I carried all essential travel documents along with all health certificates and insurance proofs. For an easy living, I converted almost all my currencies into Malaysian currencies. Last but not least, nobody must get involved into alcoholic and illegal drug practices as they are considered to be non acceptable. Also, do not commit the mistake of kissing in public!